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Friends Reunion Skit - Jimmy Kimmel
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That moment in ‘The Hole in the Heart’ is just so beautiful to me. Brennan reaching out and linking her arms with Booth, is a heartwarming contrast to when she pushes him away in the 100th episode. And Booth’s little smile when she does that! It sends my heart aflutter <3

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Personally this moment marks the debut of everything. Regina looks annoyed at first but quickly it changes into something else as Robin is not at all feeling frightened by her. He keeps up the banter, the sass and literally as you can see take time to appreciate her body. She is kind of thrown off balance since one ever did that with her, play on her level of sass,  IT NEVER HAPPENED !

And she looks at him, really looks at him, observing him. The second gif represents for me the moment she felt something about him, she didn’t know what or why and she looked unsure of it, but her next reaction proves it wasn’t a bad feeling otherwise she wouldn’t have softly answered him like she did.

He passes next to her and she at her turn appreciate the view she has of him. She looks like she’s saying to herself “This is gonna be fun, someone who’s not afraid of me, not afraid of sassing me back, even flirting.”. She looks like she’s enjoying it even if they just met.

That moment means a lot, well in my opinion of their story, it means a lot.

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I just enjoy the work so much, with a fantastic person to my right here, who has been there for me for so many things.”- David Boreanaz, SDCC Bones Panel 2014

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Bones Alphabet

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Snowing + Captain Swan [1/]

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"Is that . . .?"
"Your father."
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